Water Purifier for Faucet

Water Purifier for Faucet


-High flow water purification

-High initial flow rate of 2 L/min gives you instant access to large quantities of clean water

-Quick connect adapter

-The faucet mount adapter can be easily installed on most threaded faucets

-Bayonet-type safety inserts can be replaced quickly, safely and easily

-Patented quickly release filter system

-The filter cartridge can be removed separately for easy replacement of the filter element

-Effectively reduce the risk of secondary pollution of tap water

-Effectively reduce diseases after drinking unclean tap water

-Effectively block floating object, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, impurities and other harmful substances in the water

-Helps prevent kidney stones, water pharyngeal disease, lead poisoning, and related disease caused by tap water. 



-2 L/min 的高初始流速讓您立即獲得大量清潔水